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In this latest and rapid growing region, users are being more dependent on Smartphones and its updated features. As a result, the mobile apps are undergoing a transformation with the utilization of the emerging technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

The IoT has been rapidly trending in different industrial sectors across the globe. It is a network of inter-connected smart devices provided with unique IP address having the ability to communicate with each other through a mobile application on a smartphone interface. It is used to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. Additionally, IoT integration enhances the value of mobile applications due to ease of developing them.

Nowadays, Several IoT enabled devices are obtainable including smart cars, drone health monitors, appliances like security, lighting fixtures, heating systems, air conditioning in smart homes, smartwatches, and many more. All these devices can be operated with the help of mobile applications anytime and anywhere. Hence organizations are adopting IoT technology and solutions to leverage the power of its advanced features, drive their business growth, improve productivity, enhance security and reduce costs. Transtrack has been successful in helping various businesses with its innovative mobile and IoT solutions and services across the globe at a cost-effective package.

Transtrack caters a diverse range of mobile and IoT solutions and services that help clients to meet their specific requirements, increase their revenue, reduce operational costs and enhance efficiencies. With our customized mobile & IoT based services, we help organizations in designing, developing, deploying and managing their entire mobile/IoT environment ensuring that there is an effective collaboration between the ‘things’ in ‘Internet of Things’ and then install them efficaciously into the client’s business applications and operations to provide better communication.

At Transtrack, we offer a varied range of custom-built and sustainable mobile applications for all mobile platforms using hybrid framework that can be accessible from any device or platform. Additionally we provide excellent, agile and flexible mobile solutions to help organizations transform their mobility strategy as well as deliver them an integrated mobile experience by optimizing, securing and manging their mobile ecosystem. We revolutionize the enterprises by collaborating cloud and mobile technologies, build customized user experience and then allow better communication and fast turnaround for internal teams.

Transtrack caters a suite of productive IoT powered solutions and IoT mobile apps that help enterprises to boost their operational efficiency, increase customer engagement, reduce operations and maintenance costs, and transform their business models. With our end-to-end IoT solutions right from consulting, designing, developing, integrating, deploying to managing and manufacturing to insights, we help organizations bring digital transformation to their business as well as assist them in exploring their IoT journey of empowering smart devices to seamlessly interact with each other for collecting, storing, and processing of data. We assure our clients to deliver a unified customer experience by connecting assets, operations/logistics, and services. We provide solutions across smart industries, smart assets, smart facilities, smart connected products and many more.

- Valuable data insights
- Increased security
- Smooth communication between devices and humans
- Higher connectivity

- Smooth integration of IoT solutions with existing organization framework
- Enhance decision making with augmented intelligence
- Optimize business processes
- Excellent innovation

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