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Big Data & Analytics is an approach of scrutinizing large sets of data (called Big Data) through various software tools and methodologies in order to uncover hidden patterns, anonymous correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other vital information. It includes predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, data optimization, data management, in-memory analytics & forecasting.

In this growing digitized world, the quantity of data generated is increasing dramatically with a rapid pace. Many startups and organizations are facing difficulties in managing this huge amount of raw data as well as also experiencing challenges in discovering actionable insights from it. Hence, they are acquiring best practices and tactics for implementing big data effectively and for enhancing customer excellence. Big Data & Analytics is one such strategy that has been in demand as it helps in working faster with agility thus saving time and cost, improving business decision makings, increasing revenue and gaining major advantage over the competitors. Thus to leverage these benefits, various organizations across industry verticals are adopting Big Data & Analytics.

Transtrack is renowned for serving global clientele with its innovative big data & analytics solutions and services at an affordable rate. With the utilization of our tailor-made big data solutions, we assist organizations to figure out the best approach to collecting and connecting with data, generate real-time insights, develop and implement big data solutions across industry verticals, identify and resolve security risks and maintain big data services in a smooth way. Our dedicated team of data analytics professionals have in-depth experience in creating powerful big data strategy and customized solutions along with provide actionable insights which helps them deliver cutting-edge services thus enabling organizations enhance customer service, optimize operational efficiency, reduce risk, improve sales and marketing outcomes, determine new revenue opportunities, lower costs, gain competitive edge and drive transformation. We assure our clients to drive their industry growth and help them make smarter business decisions by transforming their raw data into valuable insights.

With our Big Data & Analytics services, we will guide our clients throughout the entire phase of their big data transformation journey ranging from strategy roadmap, evaluation, design, customization, deployment, protection to maintenance and support. - Big Data Consulting Services: We assist enterprises to define their big data strategy, select the best tools and processes required to achieve their business needs and execute it seamlessly. Our process includes:
• Architecture Assessment
• Infrastructure Planning and Management
• Analysis of data
• Prototyping
• Platform Standardization
- Big Data Analytics Implementation :
• By using our advanced implementation services, organizations can obtain high-quality secured applications with reduced cost and time.
• We identify the implementation risk and eradicate it immediately ensuring that the application runs optimally.
- Enterprise Data Management: With our EDM services, we define, govern, secure and maintain the quality of all the data incorporated in the business operations of our client’s organization resulting in improved operational efficiency, risk reduction, increased revenue and greater data accuracy.
- Advanced Data Visualization: This technique is used to model complex data and visualize the facts that cannot be observed directly like patterns, diagrams, charts and dashboards. With the utilization of this tools and techniques, we perform deep inspection of advanced data to discover better insights, make predictions and then create recommendations thus enabling organizations to access data in a timely manner and to speed up the decision-making processes.
- Maintenance & Support: Our experts make use of the latest tools and technologies, customized solutions and frameworks to provide continuous maintenance and support for big data analytics ensuring the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data. By using our services, organizations can improve their performance, reduce operational downtimes and minimize the maintenance cost.
- Data Lakes: We help organizations to define strategies and roadmap, select the best tools for gaining valuable intelligences, design, develop, perform prototyping, tool evaluation, and data integration, etc. We deal with data of any size, shape, and speed.
- Cloud Based Services: At Transtrack, we provide multiple cloud models at a cost-effective price to help clients choose the right cloud platform that suit their big data requirements. By using big data in the cloud, our clients can access to their data any time and from anywhere.

- Help clients make effective decisions that drives rapid business growth
- Identify and mitigate potential risks
- Reduce operational cost
- Improve customer experience
- Increase efficiency

- Improves quality of data
- Pool of talented and certified big data analytics consultants and professionals
- Always remain updated with the latest industry trends to help clients stay competitive
- Our team have profound knowledge in working with Big data analytics tools like Hadoop, Apache Storm, Wolfram Alpha and Cloudera
- Rapid technical evaluation, piloting, and implementation thus saving time.
- Minimize cost on maintenance of IT infrastructure.

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