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Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science intended to build smart machines capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence. In other words we can say that it refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are designed to think like humans and mimic their activities. AI can be applied to any machine that display features associated with a human mind like learning, reasoning and problem-solving.

AI works by encapsulating huge amount of data with iterative methods and intellectual algorithms, enabling the computer to learn automatically from features in the data. With the help of this emerging technology, machines can scrutinize images, get information, understand monologue, and make forecasts. Furthermore, it helps companies to achieve growth rapidly by improving their workflows, response time, and customer experience with deep data analysis as well as assist them to make use of the smart Chatbots for customer service transformation. This technology adds intelligence to existing applications and frameworks. It uses Machine Learning to imitate human intelligence.

Machine Learning is an approach of analysing the data and information that automates the analytical prototype building. It is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides systems the potential to automatically learn and act like humans by imitating their actions without being precisely programmed as well as improve their learning in a self-sufficient manner by supplying data in the form of observations. Machine Learning works by exploring data, recognizing designs, identifying complex patterns and making judgements with minimal human interference. Any tasks that need a set of rules based programming for completion can be automated with Machine Learning. Hence, this evolving technology enables enterprises to transform their processes and operations that were earlier only possible for humans to implement. It has many products and applications each developed with different features to help organizations reduce their manual workloads, and expedite processes. Moreover, it helps companies to robotize operational activities, implement solutions and enhance the customer experience by accomplishing their exact business needs.

In this blooming digital world, Enterprises are adopting new tools and technologies to keep up the pace in the competition and transform their business processes. When it comes to the new technology adoption, AI/ML is immensely preferred as its technologies and strategies are still primarily believed as the consistently enlarging field that steps into almost all industrial sectors. AI/ML tools and tech savvy are growing rapidly because of its possibilities and advanced features that enable companies to achieve all their needs and requirements with high proficiency, increased revenue, reduced operational cost and enhanced customer experience. To take advantage of these benefits, Enterprises are promptly adopting AI & ML into various business processes across industry verticals. In current days, many people have been able to switch to working from home without much stress is because of the use of AI & ML by organizations. This powerful working mechanism involves less office space and comprehensive online working systems that motivates many small-scale and large-scale enterprises to re-evaluate their working mode and operation.

Transtrack have achieved success for serving clients worldwide with its cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technology Solutions for many years. We help organizations to develop, adopt, utilize, deploy and implement smart AI/ML solutions that drive profitable business outcomes. Our AI/ML portfolio includes intelligent features and self-learning algorithms that minimize errors, eliminate barriers, and maximize accuracy over time. AI/ML algorithms help enterprises to operate the non-utilised data, identify the patterns that might not be visible to a human being and then make verdicts to meet the detailed objectives. With our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Software Development, we enable enterprises to attain new heights and increase productivity by optimizing and accelerating their entire business processes through automation. We have a pool of AI/ML experts who combine AI skills, ML capabilities and emerging technologies to power digital workforce and intelligent approaches empowering enterprises boosting their operational efficiencies. Our efficient team will work as per the client needs.

Our services are tailor-made to meet your AI/ML transformation journey ranging from educating your teams on utilising AI/ML to assisting them in making the right decisions. We cater a full spectrum of services that includes:

We understand, analyse and transform the unstructured data rapidly by using the powerful text analytics to identify patterns and retrieve intelligent information from it. Additionally, information can be extracted about products, services and enterprises using the advanced functionalities. Our team primarily focus on understanding the customer needs, expectations and thought process as well as what the market demands.

We help organizations to enhance their customer experience by offering them with a fascinating and automated conversational interface like chabots and virtual assistants platform that makes technological interactions easier and feels more natural to human beings.

We make use of the computer vision algorithms to develop custom solutions that learns the digital images and videos. Our skilled analysts make use of this revolutionary technology to help organizations in analysing their images and videos, detect the cause that prevent these visuals from performing well and then develop a bespoke solution to enhance the performance of their visual media with higher visibility.

We perform real time analytics on the gathered data to produce rapid actionable insights. Our efficient team help enterprises to analyse and collect streaming data as soon as it arrives in system from various sources. This service enables our clients to react without delay and make decisions based on timely data.

We perform Technology Audit approach to identify incompetent operations and less performing systems further provide valuable insights to resolve these issues and leverage IT controls, thus helping enterprises to reduce operational cost and gain competitive advantage.

We automate and standardize a vast variety of repetitive tasks with rule-based algorithms and automated solutions to reduce the manual tasks of human workers and enhance the quality of service, thus enabling organizations to minimize their operating costs, boost up their revenue and focus more on process improvements and other higher value works.

Our efficient AI/ML team will work closely with our clients to plan their optimal AI strategy ensuring that it covers the entire scope of their requirement analysis and business demands. We provide full-cycle development and implementation guaranteeing smooth integration with existing systems. Our custom-tailored solutions help clients to resolve complex task and enhance their business efficiency.

Whenever our clients get stuck midway due to impediments, we are consistently available to provide support throughout their journey for a productive implementation regardless of what level of AI implementation. We examine our clients existing processes and then accordingly create a roadmap to develop and execute the right AI solutions.

It is a Machine Learning approach designed to continually analyse data with a logical structure and learn by experiences without human intervention. It imitates the thought process of human beings. Our custom-built deep learning portfolio includes a layered structure of algorithms called as artificial neural network which is used for the development of advanced facial and object recognition systems, human health diagnostic System , chatbots application, and process automation. Our team understand the unstructured representation of data and build an optimal solution for resolving critical business challenges. We provide AI/ML Techniques across various departments of an organization including, Finance, Support, Marketing, Sales, Security and Operations.
- Finance: Make comprehensive decision and allocate capital with greater efficiency
- Support: Provide support to customers by following up with them continuously with instant replies and accomplishing all their specific requirements.
- Marketing: Optimize marketing expenditure by maintaining all type of its campaigns in a shrewd manner. Acquire new customers with improved sales and achieved target.
- Sales: Automate sales activities. Helps in predicting sales and optimizes it with increased revenue.
- Security: Forecast and prevent attacks with intelligent security systems and analytics
- Operations: Help clients to manage inventories and supply chain as well as enhance processes to accelerate all their business operations.

- Faster Analysis Prediction and Processing
- Improved Customer Service
- Increased Revenue
- Advanced features that enhance business growth across all industrial sectors

- Customized AI/ML solutions to business problems that deliver increased value to our clients
- Expertise in frameworks like Chatbots and Tensorflow
- Automate business processes
- Improve productivity and Reduce operational costs
- Pool of AI/ML experts to design and develop algorithms

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