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14Years’ of Excellence

We’ve been triumphing all these 14 years. Sacrifices are made up with success.

We all are aware of that nowadays there is a tremendous gap between the organization’s skill set and the skill set held by the candidates. Most companies invest a huge amount of money and time in hiring the fresher applicants and getting them trained to accomplish their requirement but ends up with zero results. To eliminate this issue, Transtrack caters Hire, Train and Deploy (HTD) service so as to provide cost-efficient talented professionals that would help clients deliver projects effortlessly.

Our team of experts handling the client’s requirement and technologies understand the needs accurately and then Transtrack implements the HTD model for the flawless execution. This Hire, Train and Deploy model includes the filtering of candidates and guarantees that they had perceived the best possible training in the relevant skill set required by the client and then they are sent to client for the selection process assuring a better hire package.

We are fully focused to meet the client’s requirement with the best talent resource so as to enhance their core team. We select candidates for multiple areas from various sources and then shortlist them through interview. After shortlisting, we trained them with the relevant skill sets as required by client as well as give assurance with their skilled capabilities so that it would be easy for our client to hire them. If you are interested to know how you and your company can be profited from this Hire, Train and Deploy model, contact us.