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Cyber Security also called as information technology security or electronic information security is the practice of maintaining the integrity, privacy and accessibility of data. It consists of a well-developed set of tools, technologies, processes, controls, risk-management methodologies and best practices designed to protect data, computers, networks, servers, programs, mobile devices, and electronic systems from cyber-attacks or unauthorized access.

In the current digital arena, businesses and enterprises are relying and investing more on technology as they can get the desired data instantly and can access it at any time from any device and from any location. As a result, the creation of digital data has increased. Nowadays, organizations save a huge amount of that data and information on systems and deliver it across networks to other systems. Hence, there is a high possibility of data robbery from a hacker or outside intruder - known as data breach. A data breach can possess a devastating effect on any business like reputational damage, loss of critical data, affecting corporate revenues and many more. In the current scenario, most organizations are investing several billion dollars to secure the network at their organizations but still suffering from cyber security breaches that have been caused by vulnerabilities in applications. As a result, the complex cyber threats are growing at a rapid pace with the increasing number of data breaches, thus creating a major impact on Cloud Computing and Internet of Things. To overcome these loopholes, many organizations are adopting a powerful cybersecurity approach to protect their essential data and information. Thus, the demand of cyber security is increasing day-by-day for enhancing the security of the entire organization in a smart way.

Transtrack offers a wide range of cyber security solutions and services including detection, protection, prevention and recovery to client worldwide. Using our end-to-end services right from establishing strategy and identifying threats to deploying the best technology and ensuring operational readiness, we help clients to plan, create and run successful cybersecurity protection programs. Our cyber security strategies and customized solutions have the ability to secure systems more effectively and to provide suggestions for enhancing compliance with a diverse range of regulatory frameworks. We perform a complete audit of our clients existing systems to check for any security issues and potential threats and then provide a complete detailed report of it to help them pinpoint the risk of failure in ongoing systems and applications, block the routes of cyber-attacks, rectify vulnerabilities for reduction of risk and meet compliance requirements. Our dedicated team of skilled security professionals have extensive experience in pioneering advanced security solutions and monitoring network security, application security and end-point security. We assure our clients to accelerate their cyber security growth and strengthen their operational goals by implementing a powerful approach that includes aligning of security policies and practices with business objectives.

- Application Security Testing:  Static Application Security Testing:
• Examining the source code, byte code
• Analysis of the internal structure of the applications
• Determine the security vulnerabilities
• Remediation and Risk Management  Dynamic Application Security Testing:
• Analysis of the dynamic behaviour of code
• Analysis of the applications in its running state and manipulating it in an abrupt way to recognize security vulnerabilities
• Remediation and Risk Management - Manual Application Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing:  Perform manual VAPT on Mobile and Web Application:
• Gathering of data
• Identifying the security weaknesses
• Checking for exploitable vulnerabilities
• Report creation
• Remediation and Risk Management  Application Architecture Review:
• Gathering of information
• Focusing on areas like Application Architecture Documents ,Deployment and Infrastructure Considerations, Input Validation, Authentication, Authorization, Configuration Management, Session Management, Application Framework and Libraries
• Identifying the high risks area
• Identifying the flaws and security weaknesses • Delivering exact security recommendations  Application Threat Modelling:
• Define business context of applications
• Identify security objectives
• Business Impact Analysis Report
• Define the technical scope
• Technical Report
• Build an application overview
• Decompose application
• Identify threats and vulnerabilities
• Determine residual risks and impacts
• Identify risk mitigation strategies
• Recommendation and Consulting  Cloud Security:
• Create, establish and manage security risk for digital businesses including DevOps, IoT, databases and apps
• Customized risk management methodologies to meet compliance needs
• Advanced identity and access management (IAM) protection against all type of threats
• Recommendation and implementation of remediation
• Define data protection processes and guidelines  Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (EDR):
• Examining and gathering data activity from endpoints to identify malicious attacks and cyber threats
• Deep analysis and detailed investigation of this data to recognize the threat patterns
• Notifying clients about the threat detections with detailed report to assist them take immediate action  Advanced Threat Protection:
• Early detection of potential threats before they access to complex data
• Security Code Review of an application to identify the shortcomings
• Defending against sophisticated malware attacks
• Initiation of Risk Reduction program to reduce threats and respond to security incidents  Managed Detection and Response (MDR):
• Constant monitoring of enterprise’s network and end-point data to identify threats
• Investigating the scope of the attack
• Detailed Analysis of the threat
• Discovering the security flaws
• Eliminating the root cause of the attacks and notifying users
• Providing mitigation recommendations

- Data and network protection from cyber attacks
- Improved business continuity management
- Motivates customers confidence
- Increased Productivity
- Provide data and system privacy

- Pool of talented, skilled security professionals
- 24/7 customer support
- Capabilities to handle any type of potential issues
- Range of customized security solutions that meet your needs

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