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This leading provider of smart home technology offers home security, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage etc. The company has installed more than 10 million smart home devices globally.

The client developed a system that automatically controls temperature based on data from sensors. The challenge was to create a unique algorithm for the home environment that would improve the quality of data and how the system functioned.

A team of data scientists, data analysts, and an open source R developer engaged by TRANSTRACK developed predictive algorithms using sensory data, security alarm settings, and HVAC controls. The data was integrated with the HVAC system using real-time, machine-to-machine communications, enabling the system to adjust temperatures accordingly.

The system adapts to the data it receives and effectively becomes a “learning” home automation system. Applying the data effectively enables the system to recognize the occupants’ patterns of activity, so it can make system adjustments for maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.

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